Why is air brushing preferred over hand painting?

One of the biggest drawbacks of hand painting is the amount of time that it takes to complete the task. You need to just apply a little paint and wait for a long time for it to dry. Hence, building layer over layer could take too much time. Some of the strokes like feathering would be impossible with hand painting, especially for someone who is not skilled. Although airbrushing is very new in the market, it is easily accessible now. Home airbrush kits have been available only in recent times compared to how long this hobby had been around. Back in the day, these kits were expensive and had to be ordered specially.

Paints were very difficult to work with and the techniques of airbrushing were unknown to many people earlier. Now, most of the modelers are keeping pace and they have figured out the great advantages that can be fetched by using the airbrush.

The main advantage is the reduced amount of drying time. When you use the airbrush it takes little time to dry out because of the small amounts of paint which is put down. This also helps most of the model builders to easily add one layer over the other efficiently and quickly. Using an airbrush also means using consistent paint amount while applying. You can easily have a good amount of control over this technique. Once you get the hang of it, you can feather like a pro and add any sort of detail that you prefer.



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