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Collecting model vehicles is definitely an addictive passion for people. Therefore, if you have or are looking at spending huge amounts of money on model vehicles it is very important to make sure you are going to protect the investment you make. You might leave these cars neatly in their own boxes and hide them in your basement or attic. This would also help you protect them from children or other harmful elements. Although these models depict the amazing engineering they definitely do need to be admired by all the people. Hence, this is a great reason why they deserve some show off.

If you are very new to this world of collecting model vehicles then one of the fast ways of displaying these model vehicles would be by purchasing the 1:18 scale display set. This has a base made of plastic or wood having a Perspex top which is the lid. All you have to do is unscrew the model vehicle from its original package material and have it placed on to the case's plinth.

The plinth has no screw holes; therefore the display case will have to sit on any flat surface. You could also make use of small amounts of double side tape and fix it under the tire to make sure it does not roll out in case the display gets accidently knocked by someone. All that you will have to do is place the lid back on its base. You now have all your precious models protected from any bash ups or getting dusty.



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