Important Model Vehicle Tools

A few important tools and supplies that you need before making your model car are as follows:

  • Sand paper: It helps in smoothing the plastic thereby removing any excess glue to create a fine line prior to painting.
  • Fine tweezers: It helps in holding small parts tightly.
  • Paint brush: If you want to paint small parts of the car.
  • Pins: It helps in applying lines of glue.
  • Toothpicks: It is useful for mixing or stirring paint.
  • Glue: It is a must have, it is very good for the purpose of attaching canopies.
  • Filler: It is used to fill any gaps between parts which have been fitted poorly.
  • Tape: it is good for testing fitting parts as well as masking areas during painting.
  • Paints and thinner: It is another useful tool; you should get the right thinner suggested by the manufacturer of paints.
  • Cutting pliers: It helps removes parts from any plastic trees.
  • Razor saw: It helps removing parts from the spruces.
  • Cyano Acrylate glue: It is helpful in filling gaps; it should be used only with safety glass.
  • Spray cans or airbrush: It is a lot better than the paintbrushes for the model car body.
  • Air compressor: It is used along with airbrush.
  • Paint booth: It is helpful to prevent any excess paint from spreading.



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