How to correct a painting mistake on my model car?

If you have committed a painting mistake, there is no reason to despair. You will easily be able to fix any painting mistake that you have made on the model vehicle with just a little work. With the help of sanding techniques, you will be able to make a superb finish. All you need to do is make use of four techniques which are: re-spray, paint standing, wax and paint polish.

Paint standing is what that needs to be used first to correct the orange peel or over spray situation. Orange peel is nothing but the extra bit of paint which is applied thickly that looks more like the peel of an orange. One of the easiest techniques that you can use to correct this situation is the sandpaper that helps grind off that extra amount of paint.

The first task should be to let the paint mistake dry out completely. You should then begin to uneven the paint removal with the help of a sanding paper making sure you do not sand into any of the other details of the model. A smart move would be to cut out the sandpaper into smaller pieces where you will be able to glue them or hold them to small places. You can also make use of paint thinner which helps in softening the paint buildup around the detailed areas, making sure that you are not going to ruin the material used for the car model.



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